Sgoil an Iochdair agus a'Choimhearsnachd

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Playground ongoing develoment

The playground and playing field improvements at Iochdar School were completed in 2008, and we are in a period of letting the work settle in. This gives us an opportunity to see how children use the facilities, to sort out any problems and to think about how we can continue to keep the facilities fresh and exciting. There have been probelms with inadequate drainage at the bottom of the access footpath, and the swings and roundabout area have been flooding and getting very muddy. We are looking at ways of remedying this. The surface around the round-about is being improved, and additional drainage is being put in place. We are also looking at adding a climbing frame: the teenage shelter has rather suffered from being clambered on, and has already required repairs.

We have met with the parent council, who are now represented on our board of trustees to talk about some possible improvements for the playing fields. We have also met with the pupil council to discuss their hopes for further development of the playing fields. The notes from the meeting are available here.

Iochdar School Pupils enjoy planting trees Feb 07