Sgoil an Iochdair agus a'Choimhearsnachd

PAST PROJECTS picnic bench

Projects completed by Sgoil an Iochdair agus a'Choimhearsnachd to date:

Completed Activity
2020-2024Installation of cycle racks around Iochdar
2023Clearing footpath at the road end
March 2019Tree planting
2018 to 2019Inprovement of drainage around the pitch
September 2017Installation of benches at Iochdar road end, Rubha Doigeag and Aird a' Mhachair
August 2017Repainting and repairs at local playparks
June 2017Clear-up around Iochdar Hall and South Ford Causeway
2009-2016Regular community clean-up events, painting benches and fences
October 2008Completion of windbreak fencing round all tree-planting areas
June 2007 Iochdar School Playground, Ball court and facilites
March 2007 Wind-break tree planting at Iochdar School
February 2007 Cycle racks and amenity seating, multiple locations
October 2006 Upgrade of footpath between Griminish and Liniclate
October 2006 Creation of website
May 2006 Walk leaflet 3
December 2005 Memorial fund
June 2005 Became company limited by guarantee
March 2004 Purchase of plot of land
December 2002 Development of disabled access, boardwalk, tree-planting and seating area
February 2002 Seating/picnic area
September 2001 Walk leaflet 2
June 2001 Feasibility study (RPS Cairns)
March 2001 Walk leaflet 1
March 2001 Footpath development
February 2001 Formation of athletics club
February 2000 Adoption of logo, designed by school pupils
March 1999 Preparation of brief for feasibility study
March 1999 Community survey
December 1998 Formation of Committee
October 1998 Formation of Steering Group