Sgoil an Iochdair agus a'Choimhearsnachd

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Football pitch improvements at Iochdar Hall

Lead organisation: Iochdar Saints football club

Potential funders: CnES, SportScotland

There is a football pitch at Iochdar Hall, which used to be the home ground to Iochdar Saints. It is currently in a state of disrepair, the grass pitch surface is rooted into very sandy soil, which is itself sitting on shingle and terram. Any damage to the pitch brings stones to the surface, and the grass wears away easily. Because of it's poor state, it is no longer in use.

After drafting a consultant's brief, we appointed MacIver Consultancy, a Western Isles based firm of civil engineers to prepare detailed plans. Thanks to an award from Awards for All, the plans are complete and have planning permission.

The resulting plans will take a lot of funding and planning to realise. We will be teaming up with the Uist and Barra Amateur Football Association, HIE, the Sports Hub at Lionacleit, Iochdar Hall Committee, Storas Uibhist and Iochdar Saints to improve the pitch. Our plans for the pitch will include additional work to improve the parking facilities at the hall, drainage, and adding changing facilities. The plans are for a fullsize floodlit 4G pitch, a first for the Western Isles. The project will cost around 1,250,000. We've raised 20,000 already, but there's a fair way to go. As a first step we will be improving the drainage around the pitch, fencing the area, and improving the grass surface.

The project is a fair size for a small organisation to complete, so we are going for bite-size chunks. First off, we have costed improving the ditches at the front of the pitch, and erecting fencing to protect the pitch from stock and vehicles. We'll be applying for funds very soon.

Once the surface is in a reasonable condition, we can start developing a program of pitch usage, and use this as evidence so that we can get funding for the next steps.

Please check here for the pitch layout, here for the parking layout and here for the changing rooms floor plan

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